How to Install Window Blinds?

How to Install Window Blinds?

There is a wide range of styles, materials, and shapes to choose from, when it comes to blinds. You can discover a style, which will complement your room’s decoration in which they are fitted perfectly. Though you can hire professional service, it would definitely cost you more. So, why can’t you purchase some blinds yourself and hang them. Window coverings are must for any contemporary apartment.

Customized blinds can be unpractical or very expensive, especially if you’re renting.  Mini blinds are now in great demand as the alternative and cost-effective solution to custom made blinds. Before hanging any sort of blinds, you need to have necessary equipments, including kits, laser, screwdriver, and electric drill. The main reason to have kits is that they contain necessary hardware pieces, which help in not only installing the blinds correctly, but also ensuring that they can be operated properly.

The blinds can be installed easily and quickly by following proper steps; you need to ensure that these measures are properly performed while hanging the blinds.

Step One:

Take the bracket, which will be placed in the upper left hand corner of the windows, making sure that you’ve put the flush against the frame. Open face of the bracket towards and get a pen or pencil to mark positions of the holes. Use electric drill to make properly sized holes into which screws will go.

Step Two:

Take the right hand side bracket and perform the same steps as you did for left hand bracket of the window. Make sure that the position of the left hand bracket is parallel with the ones of right hand side. The easiest and quickest method of ensuring this is by using your laser or spirit level.

Step Three:

Once you’ve drilled the holes in the right positions, you can now screw the sets for the blinds. Insert some wall anchors before you screw the brackets. It is worth inserting as they are secured better and remain parallel with each other.

Step Four:

Once you screw the brackets for the blinds properly, you can move on to inserting blinds into brackets. It won’t take long and once they are secured in place, you can take plastic or metal cap cover and put it over the opening to secure the blinds in exact places. If you’re facing problems in getting the window blinds to install into blinds, you can check over again to determine whether they are parallel. Most of the problems arise, if they aren’t kept parallel.

Step Five:

Once you install the blinds, check whether tension chord allows you to move the blinds freely. You should be able to move the blinds both up and down, without putting any force. If it allows you, you can pull on the chord as suggested by manufacturer’s instructions. If they move up and down easily, you can install the closing rod. It is very simple to perform; just hold the hook situated at the top of the window covering through the hole and twist the rod, just like the tension chord, ensuring that the blinds can be opened or closed properly.

Along with these tips, it is also important to follow instructions provided by manufacturers of the window coverings you’re installing with. It will help you to fit the blinds, brackets properly at all times.

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